Britney Spears Testifies: I’m Miserable! END My Conservatorship!

For weeks, hype has mounted for Britney Spears to testify about her own conservatorship.

Hype may be a strange word to describe a legal hearing, but tell that to the crowds outside of the courthouse.

With supporters cheering her on, Britney spoke about her ongoing plight.

She is traumatized and unhappy. She wants to sue her family. And she wants to end her conservatorship.

Numerous journalists and fans tuned in to Britney’s virtual hearing on Wednesday, June 23.

Though Judge Penny instructed everyone to not record or livetweet the session, the hearing was documented.

Liveblogging, by fans and major news outlets alike, was merely delayed by the judge’s instructions.

The judge did not bar outsiders from covering the hearing — at Britney’s request.

“They’ve done a pretty good job of exploiting my life,” the mother of two reportedly told the court.

“So I think this should be an open-hearing,” she suggested, requesting that fans hear what she had to say.

The judge instructed everyone present that Britney was not to be interrupted by anyone.

“He [Jamie] loved the control he had over me, one hundred thousand percent,” Britney reportedly told the court.

“After I’ve told the whole world I’m okay, it’s a lie,” the world-famous singer revealed.

“I’m traumatized. I’m not happy,” Britney expressed.

She shared: “I can’t sleep, I’m depressed, I cry every day.”

“The people who did this to me should not be able to get away and walk away easily,” Britney affirmed.

Britney illustrated her mental acuity, sharing how she was the one who taught choreography to her dancers, not the other way around.

However, she noted that it is her choice whether or not she performs.

This is of course in reference to reports that her father, Jamie, has wanted her to rake in more money by performing.

Britney, at times speaking very quickly as she had so much to say, shared that her medicine has been totally out of her hands.

“I was out on lithium. They took me off my same drugs for 5 years and put me on lithium,” Britney reportedly revealed.

She explained: “it is a strong drug…it was like I was drunk.”

Notably, Britney does not drink, which she told the court.

She does however feel bullied and controlled by the conservatorship and her father’s control over her life.

At one point, she was apparently asked why she did not ever petition to end the conservatorship.

“Ma’am, I did not know I could petition to terminate the conservatorship,” Britney shared.

“I didn’t think anyone would believe me,” she expressed.

“I thought people would laugh at me and make jokes about me,” Britney confessed.

“It is my wish and dream for all of this to end,” Britney testified.

She expressed: “I want my life back.”

And there are very specific people whom she blames.

“I would honestly like to be able to sue my family,” Britney told the court.

“It’s not fair that they are telling lies about me openly,” she lamented. “Even my family…”

Britney also had major issues with her legal representation and even her non-family conservators.

“I haven’t had the opportunity to handpick my own attorney myself!” Britney noted to the court.

“I’m talking to you today because yes, even Jodi is starting to take it too far,” she expressed with regret.

She wants this conservatorship over — in contrast with prior reports that she simply wanted her father removed from it.

“I want to end the conservatorship without being evaluated,” Britney expressed.

She added: “I want to petition to end the conservatorship.”

“They need to be reminded that they actually work for me,” Britney sagely expressed.

The subject of the ways in which Britney’s freedoms have been curbed is a bone-chilling one.

“I am not able to see my friends that I made during 3 years of AA meetings,” Britney noted.

There is more to this than simply limits upon her social life.

“I have an IUD in my body right now that won’t let me have a baby,” Britney testified.

“And,” she reportedly told the court, “my conservators won’t let me go to the doctor to take it out.”

We reported on Britney’s Handmaid‘s Tale-like plight last year. This is the first time that she has confirmed it herself.

“I feel ganged up on,” Britney told the court.

She added: “I feel bullied and I feel left out and alone.”

No one deserves this, least of all Britney.

The judge reportedly spoke to Britney’s attorney, laying out exactly how he could take steps to hopefully end the conservatorship.

Additionally, her attorney expressed a willingness to be replaced by someone whom Britney herself chooses.

He was, after all, appointed by the court to represent Britney. That is not the same as her choosing her own lawyer.

After a brief recess, the court reconvened, and Britney’s widely reviled father gave a statement.

Reportedly, all that he told the court was: “Mr. Spears loves his daughter and misses her very much.”

After that point, Britney reportedly asked that the remainder of the hearing be sealed.

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