Brent Rivera Parodies Ariana Grande With ‘Thank U, Brent’ – Watch Now!

Brent Rivera has outdone himself with this one!

The 20-year-old YouTuber made his own version of Ariana Grande‘s “Thank U, Next” video. He included scenes such as the “Jingle Bell Rock” talent show performance, making his own Burn Book on his bed, and the over the top stage mom, who is played by Kris Jenner in Ari‘s video.

Brent turned the song to focus on himself and how a girl he thinks is attractive doesn’t even know his name. He enlisted the help of some of his friends including Lexi Hensler, Ben Azelart, and twins Alan and Alex Stokes.

“it’s here?,” he tweeted over the weekend, along with a link to the video. Check it out below!

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