Bob Saget Told Stage Crew He Didn't Feel Well, Had Long-term COVID and Hearing Issues

Bob Saget was not feeling well the night he went into his hotel room and ended up dying — at least that’s what one of the last people to speak with him is claiming.

A showrunner who works at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall — where Bob’s last show took place before he booked it to Orlando that fateful night — told investigators Bob had disclosed to her and other stage crew that he wasn’t well health-wise pre-show.

The woman, whose name is Rosalie Cocci, said Bob had told them he was battling long-term COVID, and it had taken a toll on his body.

As far as what he was dealing with specifically … the woman told cops Bob mentioned his hearing was off and he was constantly asking them to turn everything up.

In addition to hearing trouble, Cocci went on to explain Bob had said he was sick the day before, and his throat was sore … she added he seemed to be “talking himself up” to get ready for his stand-up performance … which he ultimately did.

In the end, Cocci says she and the crew were surprised he knocked it out of the park when push came to shove — despite his earlier complaints, they say he didn’t miss a beat and put on a great show, as if nothing was wrong.

If it’s true that his hearing was off, that could cause balance issues … it’s unclear what exactly caused Bob’s fatal brain bleed … but a problem with balance could result in a fall or misjudging distance.

Now Bob’s family tells TMZ, they don’t believe he had long-term COVID, because he had only come down with the virus 2 weeks earlier and he never complained of hearing problems.

As you know, the authorities have said Bob bumped his head somehow while he was in his hotel room later that night — and ended up dying as a result of a major brain bleed.

The police have speculated he may have hit a cushioned headboard attached to his bed … but a lot of intrigue has resulted due to the mysterious circumstances. And now, in light of this latest revelation, we’re sure only more theories will surface about what exactly happened.

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