Blueface & Chrisean Rock Talk Baby Names, Plot Collab Tracks

Blueface is seemingly coming to grips he’s set to welcome a baby soon with his on-and-off-again girlfriend Chrisean Rock … and he’s also open to naming the child after himself.

TMZ Hip Hop linked up with the controversial couple Monday at LAX, where they opened up about their family plans, and, not shockingly, they’re not exactly seeing eye-to-eye on potential names.

Chrisean rejected the “Blueface Baby” idea, but did pop the lid on some of the other names she’s been debating — both Royal Blue and Blue Royal have been ringing in her ears as of late.

The couple’s toned down their public incidents in recent weeks … following Blueface’s birthday romp overseas, where he was still questioning whether he was the father of Chrisean’s child.

Watch the video … they claim they’re currently in a good place, but judge for yourself.

Fans have been clamoring for the couple to do something more productive on social media besides fighting, and Blueface reveals they’re releasing a couple of collab tracks later this month!!!

Chrisean just dropped a new track entitled, “Time,” and seemed down for recording an album with her guy. Oddly, for Chrisean, she seemed a bit camera-shy this time around.

As for the state of their relationship — watch how the clip ends. Blueface might need some time to work on his door-holding etiquette for women, particularly those pregnant with his child.

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