Blueface Attacked By Fan After Winning at Bare Knuckle Fighting Event

Rapper Blueface won his Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship exhibition match Friday night against TikToker Kane Trujillo, but it was anything but a total crowd-pleaser, because one disgruntled fan jumped in the ring swinging … and all hell broke loose.

In what was billed as a battle of the influencers, Blueface crushed Trujillo … winning a lopsided victory by decision. As he celebrated — hand up in the air — the fan jumped the ropes and, it looks like one swing made contact with the rapper.

Blueface went ballistic as security swarmed the ring, tackling the jerk, but that didn’t end the craziness. The rapper continued swinging and was held back as cops appeared in an attempt to control the situation.

The attacker was dragged out of the ring and eventually things calmed down and the fights continued as fans watched on FITE TV.

As for who got the worst of it … it’s still Trujillo. Blueface barraged him with punches … his right hand was definitely on point.

As for the other influencers on the exhibition card … YouTuber and TikTok star DK Money vs. Nick Ireland, and a TikTok battle between Evil Hero and Dakota Olave.

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