Bill Maher: Now that Trump is gone, 'We can't blame everything on him'

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America faces a “problem” now that President Trump is out of office, Bill Maher asserted during Friday night’s show.

Trump can no longer be “blamed” for everything, the “Real Time” host observed. 

During the show’s panel-discussion segment, Maher pointed to recent violence in Portland, Ore., and Seattle by left-wing groups including Antifa, stressing it was the political left that was “breaking windows” following President Biden’s inauguration instead of the right. 

After one of Maher’s guests, Vanity Fair contributor Peter Hamby, blamed “Trumpism” for “infecting every state capital,” his other guest, “The Fifth Column” podcast co-host Kmele Foster, pushed back.

“We were promised armed rebellion at every state capital. That did not materialize,” Foster said. “Which is why I’m saying I worry that we may be miscasting this. If we’re thinking, ‘It’s Trump, Trump is the problem,’ and as you mentioned already earlier in the show, Bill, we saw hundreds of people in the streets breaking windows after Biden won. Something is wrong and I worry that we’re not talking about this in the right way.” 

“That’s a great question to get to,” Maher responded. “Now that we’ve gotten rid of Trump, we’re faced with this problem as Americans. … Now we can’t blame everything on him. Now we gotta look in the mirror and we’ll find out in the next hundred days, like, if it was all Trump who was the bad guy.”

“Now we gotta look in the mirror and we’ll find out in the next hundred days, like, if it was all Trump who was the bad guy.”

“I’ve said from the beginning with the virus, he certainly played his part horribly, horribly beginning with getting that little team out of China that could’ve stopped the whole f—in thing to begin with, but it’s also, I think, on the American medical establishment that never told the American people the best way you can handle this is get yourself in better shape, get your immune system better, stop eating s— food and sugar and day drinking. They never had the guts to do that. They wouldn’t even say the word ‘obesity’ on television. That would be fat-shaming. The code is now ‘precondition.'” 

Maher then wondered “can we do s— anymore” as Americans, citing the rocky coronavirus vaccine rollout, “even if we can’t blame Trump.” He later conceded that the only bipartisan things the country is good at are “printing money” and “bombing” other countries. 


“I think you’re absolutely right, Bill,” Foster agreed. “The profound failure of this entire government, the bureaucracy, Democrats and Republicans alike to actually rise up to the occasion and meet this challenge of COVID, they failed profoundly and the question of what we do from here is the most important question that we ought to be pondering and we don’t have Trump to kick around.”

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