Bill Cosby Comedy Tour on Ice Because of Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Bill Cosby will NOT be hitting the road anytime soon to tell jokes … because he’s got more legal woes to deal with first, and his team is convinced the media will skewer him during a tour.

Cosby’s rep, Andrew Wyatt, tells TMZ … the comedy tour Cosby was planning to launch is officially on ice — with no resuming date in mind just yet — and he says the reason they’re hitting pause is Judy Huth‘s civil lawsuit.

Huth sued Cosby way back in 2014 for sexual assault, alleging he pounced on her at the Playboy Mansion in the ’70s, when she was just 15. He’s denied the allegations, and the suit stalled while Cosby faced the Andrea Constand case — but now, a trial date’s been set for Spring 2022.

Wyatt says Cosby wants to avoid going on tour for the moment because he doesn’t want this dark cloud hanging over his head … as he seems to think the case would become all the media talks about while he toured.

Performing onstage could also be risky for Cosby because Huth’s lawyers might potentially try to use his own words against him in the case. We asked Wyatt if that was a concern, but he says Cosby’s team is most worried about unfair treatment in the media.

While they’re focused on the media, the reality is Cosby will almost certainly face scores of hecklers and protesters wherever he performs … regardless of current or pending lawsuits.

Wyatt adds they’re not pulling the plug due to lack of interest — he claims about a dozen promoters approached Cosby for gigs.

What he has been doing lately since getting sprung — and what he’ll presumably keep doing now — is hanging with family and working on a new book and docuseries.

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