Bethenny Frankel Calls Out Hilaria Baldwin After She Uses ‘Fake’ Spanish Accent While Talking With Paparazzi!

Bethenny Frankel did not hold back her thoughts on Hilaria Baldwin!

ICYMI, the 39-year-old yoga instructor stepped out on Thursday and spoke with paparazzi after her husband, Alec Baldwin, was charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter for the fatal shooting of Rust cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. And while wearing an “Empathy” sweatshirt, she basically asked them to leave her family alone amid the 64-year-old actor’s legal battle. She said at the time:

“I want you guys to realize we have seven kids. You being here escort them to school and when they come home — is not good. On a human level, you guys know I’m not going to say anything to you. You know that. So please leave my family in peace. And let this all play out. OK? So let my kids come home, and you stay away from them. Because they ask me, ‘Mommy, what are these people doing?’ And it’s a very hard thing as a mom, to try and explain. So please, go home. I am not going to say anything and Alec is not going to say anything.”

Here’s what has many people furious right now. Throughout the now viral video, she spoke with a faux-Spanish accent, which she previously came under fire for in 2020. As you may recall, it came to light that Hilaria was born in Boston and went by the name Hilary after she claimed for years that she was born in Majorca and arrived in the US at 19. Many also called her out for faking a Spanish accent over the years – something that’s happening on Twitter once again. Influencer Estefania Vanegas Pessoa, also known as Tefi, slammed Hilaria after the paparazzi video came out, writing:

“yo f**k hilaria baldwin. u will never know the loneliness or the resiliency of being an immigrant, of greeting people with a real accent. the desire for community and familiarity. hilary you are from BOSTON and if I ever meet you I will be sure to REMIND YOU. you continue to parade around like some misunderstood victim and it makes me sick. u make people who actually know and love immigrants, sick”

Another wrote:

“Hilaria Baldwin still trying with the fake Spanish accent after she’s already been outed as a fraud is SENDING ME”

Someone else commented:

“I cannot believe Hilaria Baldwin is still pretending she has a Spanish accent. My mind is truly boggled. She walked so Austin Butler could run.”

A fourth person then said:

“It’s just beyond offensive at this point that she continues with this Spanish accent. Regardless of the chaos of her mind and this situation – you’re not Spanish.”

And you know who else had something to say about the matter? Bethenny! The Real Housewives of New York City alum – who is not afraid to speak her mind on any topic – hopped on TikTok Saturday to rant about Hilaria. She started by briefly addressing Alec’s legal troubles, saying:

“Can we discuss Hilaria Baldwin? So that tragedy with that family on that set is so horrific, and I do actually feel some compassion for Alec Baldwin because there’s no way that that was intentional.”

She went on to share a moment Hilaria “belittled” her, recalling in the viral clip:

“But I’m discussing his wife, who I was once at a barbecue with and tried to connect to her about yoga, and she was very better than about the yoga, meaning I just take a vinyasa class at different studios, and she sort of made it like what she does is different and the way she teachers is different. And it made me feel very belittled in a very subtle way. It was just very better than, and yoga is a very individualized practice. It’s not a competitive practice. It’s something that you have your own journey about. So I remember feeling partially stupid and also partially who the hell did she think she was.”

From there, Bethenny remembered how she heard about the momma of seven’s Spanish heritage scandal:

“I hadn’t been really been following it. It’s just sort of in my periphery. And I think to myself, ‘So she’s identifying as Spanish?’ I mean, you can’t. That’s identifying as a liar. You know what happened years ago with Brian Williams, and he embellished a story. It was not great because you can’t kind of just roll with what people think happened. You have to be accountable, and you have to correct to make sure that your side of the street is always clean.”

Addressing the latest controversy, the reality star then said Hilaria should just fess up to using a fake accent for fame so she can move on:

“So even now, I guess there’s some subtle accent people are talking about, but it’s never too late to clean up your side of the street. Just cop. ‘I was insecure. I was in a relationship with a megastar, and I wanted to feel relevant and I wanted to utilize it for fame or some my own identity or my own financial security or whatever it is. So I lied. I f**ked up’ You know, people steal. People go to jail. You know, you try to tell your kids the deeper you get into a lie the worse it is. So just cop because people have the videos, and it really enrages people. I understand people, women who actually are from Spain, being very very offended and frustrated. They are minorities, and they get that for themselves that’s not for someone else to come in and assume.”

She added:

“It’s just unbelievable. Just cop. Just cop to it. Just say, ‘I f**ked up.’ And here’s why. And keep it moving. You keep digging yourself deeper with this subtle accent.”

Bethenny never fails to give everyone her full honesty! Ch-ch-check out the entire video (below):

If you get caught you have to just COP

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