Ben Crump, Keyon Harrold, Jr.'s Parents Call Out Racial Injustices After SoHo 'Karen' Arrest

Miya Ponsetto‘s arrest for attempted robbery — after attacking a 14-year-old boy and accusing him of stealing her phone — isn’t nearly enough, according to the child’s parents … who insist racism was involved in the incident.

Keyon Harrold Jr.‘s mom and dad — Kat and Keyon Sr. — joined us on “TMZ Live,” along with their attorney, Ben Crump, to address Ponsetto being taken into custody … more than 2 weeks after her altercation with the teenager at a SoHo hotel.

But, the so-called SoHo Karen’s arrest led to a much bigger discussion about ongoing examples of racial injustice in the country, which Crump says was also highlighted during the historic events in the Capitol this week.

As for the incident with Ponsetto and Harrold Jr. … Keyon’s parents say he’s still in therapy to deal with the aftermath. His mom and dad are worried about PTSD, and Kat describes the trauma as something her son doesn’t deserve … same goes for countless people of color before him.

Kat goes on to lay blame on the SoHo hotel for its role in Ponsetto’s attack on her son, claiming it enabled her to lay hands on him.

As we reported … Ponsetto has denied her attack of Harrold had anything to do with race — instead, her lawyer says it was anxiety-induced — and our law enforcement sources say she will not be charged for any sort of hate crime.

Instead, it’s possible Ponsetto will be hit with a charge of attempted robbery of the teenager’s phone, and as you know … it’s just one of the many legal issues she is dealing with right now.

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