Asher Angel Answers Personal Questions, Talks Annie LeBlanc & Justin Bieber (Video)

Asher Angel is having some fun during his self-quarantine!

The 17-year-old Shazam! actor is currently social distancing with his family and their six dogs.

In a YouTube video he posted on Saturday (March 28), Asher plays with the adorable pups and answers some fun questions about himself.

He reveals who he’d bring with him if he was stranded on a desert island, his favorite song to sing right now (it’s a Justin Bieber one), what food item he would eat if he could choose only one for the rest of his life, and his favorite place to write and be creative.

He also revealed the last person he texted (his girlfriend Annie LeBlanc) and what it was about, which artist he would listen to if he could only choose one for the rest of his life (again, Justin Bieber), his secret talent, and more.

Watch the video now!

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