Antonio Brown Goes on $500k Jewelry Shopping Spree

Antonio Brown‘s business is definitely still boomin’ in the off-season … ’cause the NFL superstar just copped an insane amount of jewelry worth HALF A MILLION DOLLARS!!

You already know the Steelers receiver LOVES his diamonds … but the dude keeps topping himself … hittin’ up his good friend Gabriel the Jeweler for the massive order:

— Richard Mille watch ($190k value)

— 2 more G.O.A.T. rings ($20k value each. Remember, he already had one)

— 5-carat diamond earrings (50k value)

— An insane diamond chain ($220k value).

Add all that up, and you have a haul worth a whoppin’ $500k!!

No word on how much coin A.B. actually dropped … but the dude’s in a 4-year, $68 million contract … so he can afford to do this a LOT if he wants.

Boomin’, indeed.

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