Andersen: Prince Charles told Diana he was gay to avoid having sex with her

When Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage began to fall apart, they eventually fell into a routine where Diana based herself at Kensington Palace and Charles based himself at Highgrove. But there were years where Diana and their sons would come to Highgrove for the weekend and that’s when a lot of screaming and fighting would happen between Diana and Charles. This was basically everything after she gave birth to William – from 1983 through to their separation in the early ‘90s, there were fights, tears and drama constantly. Well, Christopher Andersen’s new book, The King: The Life of Charles III, delves into those times. Apparently, during one fight, Charles told Diana he was gay as a way to stop her sexual advances. During other fights, their protection officers were worried that Diana and Charles would come to physical violence.

Charles and Diana’s unhappy marriage was so “highly combustible” that royal protection officers were worried someone would get hurt. One of Charles’ valets remembers seeing Diana “hurling epithets and mocking her husband’s obsession with the dreary-looking Camilla,” writes Christopher Andersen in the upcoming biography, “The King: The Life of Charles III,” out November 8.

The valet watched on as Diana “literally pursued” her husband “down hallways, up staircases and from room to room” at Charles’ Highgrove House country retreat, Andersen writes.

“Why won’t you sleep with me?” Diana is said to have asked her husband, who “had for all intents and purposes unilaterally called a halt to their sexual relationship,” since Prince Harry’s birth in 1984. Charles’ sarcastic alleged response: “I don’t know, dear. I think I might be gay.”

During one heated argument, Charles childishly demanded that he be given the respect “that he felt his position warranted,” according to the book.

“‘Do you know who I am?’ he demanded of his wife.

“Diana answered that he was a ‘f–king animal,’” writes Andersen. “You will never be King!” she shouted. “William will succeed your mother. I will see to that.”

The tension in the royal household only increased as time passed. “The clashes between Diana and Charles were now so raw that ‘violence seemed inevitable,’” one bodyguard notes in the book. Officers were concerned by the “sheer firepower” contained within Highgrove’s walls, which included shotguns, rifles and pistols, according to the book. “The detectives in charge of protecting members of the royal family were deeply concerned that ‘in the heat of anger,’ any one of these could be used to commit suicide, homicide or both,” writes Andersen.

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I don’t know about all of this. Yes, we’ve heard before that Charles refused to sleep with Diana after she gave birth to Harry, but I’m not sure Diana would follow him around, berating him about Camilla’s looks and challenging Charles to sleep with her. Diana was the kind of woman who would find someone to talk to, preferably an attractive man, and pour out all of her sorrows on him. I also don’t think Charles is armed to the teeth at Highgrove. Sure, he would have hunting rifles, but pistols and shotguns? This is the English countryside! And no, Charles isn’t gay. He just has a thing about being attracted to horsey mother surrogates and nanny-figures. Charles and Diana fundamentally didn’t work because she wanted a father figure and he wanted a mother figure.

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