Amazon gifts that will arrive before Christmas, including a weird bug catching device

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An awesome blender that will help you get healthy for the new year

I have had a Vitamix for about six years. It works almost as well as when I got it. It can definitely help you get more vegetables and fiber into your diet. About three to four times a week, I have a smoothie made with a large bunch of rinsed kale, 1/2 a frozen banana and some frozen mixed fruit with stevia. I like it smooth so I add a lot of water and save half for the next day. (Here’s a video on how to make a green smoothie with it. I can’t ever get anyone else to drink this in my house, but I think it tastes fine.) The Vitamix is so powerful that you can make and actually heat up soup in it. It can also make iced treats. This is not an average blender and you will not regret this purchase. I got mine refurbished from Vitamix’s site so look into that if you’re interested. This is new and is a real bargain at $299. It’s over 30% off, and would make an excellent gift.

A device that lets you video chat, listen to music and watch shows

My son’s dad bought us an Echo Show to keep in touch and he also bought them for both sets of grandparents. It’s so easy to video chat and the image quality is very clear. It can also play music, news and podcasts. You just say “Alexa play 70s music” or name an artist. Plus you can watch shows on Amazon Prime or Hulu (not YouTube though, Amazon and YouTube broke up). I was surprised how easy the setup was. I wasn’t sure I was going to keep it plugged in all the time as it freaks me out, but so far it’s been very convenient to get spied on in my living room.

A vacuum to clean up after your pets

I have owned this Bissell PowerGlide Pet vacuum for about five years and it still works great. It’s not a Dyson, but it also doesn’t come with that type of price tag. It works on carpets and hardwood and will pick up a surprising amount of dirt and hair. (Honestly I do not have a dog or cat though.) This doesn’t take filters or bags, is easy to empty and comes with a permanent filter that is also easy to clean. Most reviewers love it and say that it’s strong and picks up a lot of dirt and hair. I never have a problem pushing it, but some reviews say it can be a little heavy so it wouldn’t make a good gift for an elderly person.

A bamboo riser for your monitor that also holds your stuff

This is a present I’m buying myself! I have problems with neck pain so I read about ergonomics months ago and one of the recommendations was to raise your monitor. I put a shoebox under mine and it’s worn and sagging now so this looks perfect. Reviewers say it looks classy, helps you organize your desk, and stands up to wear. Plus you can fit stuff under it to free up space. I’m sold. Ooh there’s one designed so you can stand up too. Nope I want to sit for now. (I also sit on an exercise ball and put my feet on another shoebox.)

A roller that soothes your muscles and works out knots

Bedhead, who used to work with us, recommended this to me and I’ve used it for years. She’s a runner (I used to be) and now I’m into Zumba and don’t stretch enough after workouts. I have had to go to physical therapy for my neck and back and this device works almost as well. If you’d like to know how to use it, or have a foam roller already and need a program, Jessica Smith has a great video for it. Like the tens unit I love and recommend, the only issue is that you have to remember you have it and make sure you use it.

Succulents make great gifts that people actually want

My family and friends are not big on gifting but small plants are always welcome. I am buying these succulents for my desk and to give away. These seem to have some of the highest ratings among the succulents available through Prime, with reviewers saying that they arrive healthy. You can replant them with little pots from the Dollar Tree or buy pots on Amazon. That way, it’s a personal gift from you that you don’t have to be too crafty to make. These owl pots are adorable.

Catch bugs and spiders without touching them

Yes this looks stupid but once you have one you’ll wonder why you ever smooshed bugs like a plebe. The Bugzooka bug catcher vacuum is a manual vacuum tube that sucks bugs in a chamber. You pump it, suck the insect in, and then you can let it die a slow death or humanely release it outside. I live in the south and found this when researching how to trap stink bugs. It’s a little harder to catch fast bugs like flies, but it’s definitely possible. I once caught a spider and a fly within a couple hours of each other and then evilly watched the spider trap the fly inside this. I still tell that story. This would make a great gift and once my friends see how well it works they want one too.

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