Alison Hammond recalls moment she tried to save two teen boys in tragic car accident

Alison Hammond has recalled the heartbreaking moment she attempted to save two car crash victims before they tragically passed away.

Speaking to Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley on Monday's instalment of Good Morning Britain, the 46 year old recalled driving home from a wedding when she came across a car crash.

"There was a car upside down, I pulled over, and the car had literally just crashed, and I was the first on the scene," Alison said of the incident, which occurred before she rose to fame on Big Brother.

Alison explained: "There was a guy on the side who was crying, so I left him because he was OK and I went to the car… there was a guy I couldn't get to and a guy who was moaning."

The television personality continued: "I was laid on the floor in my dress, and there was petrol everywhere."

Alison said that she couldn't call for help because mobile phones hadn't been invented at the time.

Another person joined her at the car crash scene and advised Alison not to move one of the men as it could "paralyse him".

Speaking of the other person, Alison recalled: "He went and got some help, but it seemed like ages. I was talking to this guy, he was alive and everything.

"The paramedics came and took him away. I was really shaken on the way home."

Tragically Alison learnt the next day that both men had died.

"It really shook me. Like look how these young boys – they were only 18 – and one of them had stolen their dad's car, and they'd just lost their lives like that," Alison said.

Alison also revealed the incident changed her perspective on life.

"I thought, do you know what in life, you've just got to grab it. Don't worry about what anyone else thinks, don't live your life for everybody else, live it for yourself," she said.

This comes after the TV star spoke out about suffering from PSTD after being bullied at school.

"It may sound crazy, but whenever I hear the word 'elephant', it takes me back to being at school and the nasty comments the boys used to make about me," she told The Mirror.

Alison's memoir You've Got to Laugh is now available to purchase at national bookstores now.

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