Alexandra Burke reveals she got death threats from teenage girl and brands her apology as insincere

Alexandra Burke opened up about getting death threats from a teenage girl as well as branding her apology as insincere.

The singer discussed the downside of fame as she has been sent threats and abuse online.

The star appeared on Fubar Radio where she spoke to Bobby Norris where she talked about dealing with being in the public eye.

She went into detail about receiving death threats from a 15 year old girl who she thinks "knew what she was doing."

The 33 year old said: "'I received death threats years ago and had an issue there… We found out who the person was, it was a 15-year-old girl."

But when the girl apologised Alexandra doesn't think she was being sincere.

She added: "She wrote a letter to me and said 'I’m sorry, I didn’t realise what I was doing'.

"When you are writing the words 'I want to kill you' and 'I’m going to kill you tonight', you know what you’re doing. I don’t accept that they don’t know what they’re talking about, or they don’t know the effects it will have on people."

The X Factor winner mentioned that one in four adults think trolling people, especially those in Alexandra's industry, is 'fair game'.

Referencing research from the AVAST Foundation she added: "One in two people amongst 16–24-year-olds actually think it’s ok and acceptable. It blows my absolute mind."

Alexandra was asked what she would say to trolls now and she said she'd 'kill them with kindness' adding 'that's the most important thing'.

The star recently appeared on Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins, which she said helped her deal with being trolled online.

She said: "It’s only ever been since I’ve done the SAS course that it changed a lot for me in the past year. I feel like a different human being. I’m definitely able to take those comments, read them, and not react as badly as I would say a year ago."

Alexandra is reported working on new music and according to The Sun, she'd feeling more inspired than ever.

A source said: "Alexandra is back in the studio and feeling more inspired than ever."

The singer performed at Mighty Hoopla in September which pushed her to make more songs.

The source added: "Her creative juices are flowing and she feels like a brand new artist after winning SAS. She’s got a lot more to give. Life is exciting again for her and she’s back in her happy place."

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