Alex Scott explains reason she ‘disappeared’ after World Cup

Alex Scott, 38, spoke out on why she “disappeared for a while” after covering the World Cup 2022 from Qatar alongside her fellow pundits.

However, the BBC presenter was hit by “heavy” backlash after defying the FA decision to ban players from wearing the OneLove armband in support of the LGBTQ+ community by wearing it herself.

Alex explained: “Wearing the armband wasn’t something I planned or even thought out. I woke up to headlines about it being banned, and I just felt so sad.

“We were supposed to be there selling football and being inclusive and letting everyone feel like a part of this huge moment. But that day, we weren’t.”

After the spontaneous on-air moment sparked a huge controversy, Alex “disappeared for a while” once the World Cup was over.

But in a new interview with Elle UK, Alex insisted she would do it again to continue throwing her support behind the cause – even if that meant receiving more “hate” from critics.

She said: “Do I regret it? Oh my gosh, no way. Keep throwing the hate at me, keep throwing everything at me, because it’s about the bigger picture.

“It’s about trying to take forward steps instead of ten steps back.”

Alex had previously called out FIFA and Qatari authorities over broken promises to the LGBTQ+ community and its allies at the World Cup.

Police and security confiscated rainbow-coloured, pro-LGBTQ+ items inside stadiums at the tournament, while seven nations backed down over wearing a ‘OneLove’ captain’s armband.

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“Love will always conquer hate,” Alex said in a Twitter post alongside a picture of rules issued to fans who wished to display support to minority groups. One of the rules read: “Persons displaying the rainbow or other sexual identity flags will neither be approached, detained, nor prosecuted.”

Another says: “People displaying signs of affection in the streets, at FFF or in the stadiums will neither be approached, detained nor prosecuted.”

The final premise reads: “Discussing and promoting LGBTQI+ rights in the Fan Festival/publicly including comments by players is permitted.”

The document was issued by FIFA but stated it was in alignment with the Qatar Safety and Security Committee on its police response.

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