AEW's Chris Jericho Attacked By Pizza Cutter In Wild, Bloody Match

Chris Jericho had his face grated by a pizza cutter in the middle of a wrestling match Wednesday night … and the entire scene was both bloody and gruesome.

The shocking moment all went down as the wrestling superstar was taking on Nick Gage in an AEW event … and scripted or not, Jericho sure seemed to be in a world of pain as he was getting cut by the kitchen utensil on his forehead.

As part of the match — dubbed a “No Rules” one — both dudes were getting after each other … and both guys were bloody messes by the end of it all.

At various points during the bout, Jericho slammed Gage through a glass pane, and even hit the wrestler in the head with light tubes.

But, the most insane moment had to be when Gage rolled a pizza cutter over Jericho’s face … because, well, watch the clip — it’s gnarly.

Jericho went on to win the event despite it all … and afterward, he showed off the damage done to his face in a bloody selfie.

“Much respect to [Nick Gage],” Jericho said, as blood had dried all over his grill. “he is TOUGH AF!! But I’m INSANE….”

No kidding.

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