A Place In The Sun's Jonnie Irwin and his sons dress up as superheroes

A Place In The Sun’s Jonnie Irwin dresses up with his three sons in adorable video – after giving heartbreaking update on his terminal cancer diagnosis

Jonnie Irwin has shared an adorable video dressing up as superheroes with his three sons on Wednesday.

The A Place In The Sun presenter, 49, was given just six months to live when he was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, which has spread to his brain, in August 2020, and publicly shared his prognosis in December. 

Posting on Instagram, he shared a heartwarming clip of his son Rex, three, and two-year-old twins Rafa and Cormac dressing up as superheroes. 

Captioning the post, Jonnie wrote: ‘3 superheros under one roof. Im not sure I’ll make the grade!’ 

Rex, who was dressed up as Cat Boy, could be seen dashing onto the sofa at their home in Hertfordshire, as the family spent quality time together in the wake of Jonnie’s diagnosis. 

Superhero: Jonnie Irwin has shared an adorable video dressing up as superheroes with his three sons on Wednesday

Adorable: Two of the impressive costumes were Cat Boy and Chase from Paw Patrol

‘Who are you?’ Jonnie asks, as Rex catapults himself onto the sofa and cartwheels. 

‘Cat boy!’ his son sweetly responds. 

‘Wow!’ says Jonnie.

Cat boy, also known as Connor, is the main character in Disney’s PJ Masks. 

He is described as ‘incredibly fast and agile’ which explains how the little boy is able to tumble across the sofa with such ease. 

Rex is then followed by the twins, who have chosen to be Chase from Paw Patrol and the Incredible Hulk. 

‘You are scary canary,’ comments Jonnie, who also snapped a picture of himself with the Cat Boy mask on.  

It comes after Jonnie shared a heartbreaking update about his health last week.  

Family life: Finally the Incredible Hulk came into the picture, with Jonnie responding ‘Scary Canary!’

Is it a plane? Rex, dressed up as Cat Boy, flung himself onto the sofa and did cartwheels

During an interview with The Sun, Jonnie openly said: ‘I’m weak now, fragile and my memory is terrible… but I’m still here.’

Jonnie, who celebrated his 50th birthday early this week, then explained: ‘I tried to play football with Rex the other day and was in goal and I couldn’t get near the ball. It was so frustrating.

‘I’m very sporty and suddenly it’s just like…it was as if it was the first time I’d attempted football. I felt like a granddad. And that broke me a bit.’

During the interview, Jess recalled the moment Jonnie came home and told her of his terminal diagnosis: ‘He couldn’t stop apologising. He kept saying ‘sorry’ over and over and I just kept telling him it wasn’t his fault.’ 

She added: ‘I think I’m still in denial about a lot of it if I’m honest.’

The father of three was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2020 and was given months to live.

The TV presenter initially decided to keep his illness private but then went public one year later.

Jonnie recently spoke about his condition saying he is trying to make as many memories as possible with his wife Jessica and their three sons.

Family: Jonnie lives with his wife Jessica, 40, and their three children – son Rex, three and twins Rafa and Cormac, two, in Hertfordshire

Horrible: He was given just six months to live when he was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, which has spread to his brain, in August 2020 (pictured with co-host Jasmine Harman)

It comes after Jonnie said he is planning to record video messages so he can still speak to his beloved wife and three children after he passes away.

Jonnie presented a segment about digital legacy on Morning Live earlier this month and left hosts Rav Wilding and Kimberley Walsh with ‘goosebumps’.

The Escape To The Country host said he is ‘taking every opportunity’ to give wife Jessica and their three children a bright future when he is no longer here.

After watching a segment about how a woman battling stage 4 bowel cancer records a short clip each day for her loved ones to watch when she is gone, Jonnie said he plans to do the same.

‘It’s amazing to think I too could speak to my wife and children after I pass away. My diagnosis has taken a lot from me but it has given me the ability to prepare.’

Last month, Jonnie gave fans a health update, revealing he had begun Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy .

A hyperbaric chamber is a highly-pressurized room or tube where a patient is given pure oxygen to breathe.

At this higher air pressure, the lungs are able to take in more oxygen than under normal conditions.

Jonnie shared a snap of the zip up portable chamber he was using after walking to the treatment centre via the high level bridge in Newcastle.

Writing: ‘And at the end of this walk…is this…hyperbaric oxygen therapy.’

It’s believed flooding the body with concentrated oxygen can help make cancer cells easier to kill with treatments like chemotherapy and radiation while also activating the healing process in your body.

However other studies have seen mixed and inconclusive results in the past with some believing it ineffective.

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