A Complete Timeline of Halsey and Alev Aydin's Relationship (Before They Become Parents!)

ICYMI, Halsey is pregnant and expecting her first child with boyfriend Alev Aydin! Halsey’s been showing off her baby bump pretty regularly the past couple of months, but when she announced the big baby news earlier this year, casual and die-hard fans alike were stunned as she never put her relationship with Alev on display. So naturally, a timeline to chronicle every single major thing Halsey and Alev have done either in public or online is totally necessary, amirite or amirite?

Below, find all the deets on Halsey and Alev’s relationship before they become parents to their destined-to-be-beautiful baby boy or girl. You’re welcome!


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March 17, 2021

Alev celebrates another trip around the sun and Halsey wishes him a happy birthday on Instagram—in Turkish to honor his heritage.


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March 2, 2021

Halsey’s pissed at people wondering if her pregnancy was planned or not, and hops on her Instagram Stories to set the record completely straight: “Why is it okay to speculate and pass judgment about fertility and conception? My pregnancy was 100% planned, and I tried very hard for this bb. But I would be just as happy even if it were another way.”

February 25, 2021

Things are going so well between Halsey and Alev that they’re starting to have major conversations about their future together—and marriage is a possibility they’re allegedly considering, according to Us Weekly.

Halsey “wasn’t necessarily hoping to get married before getting pregnant,” a source tells the outlet. Halsey doesn’t really see marriage as anything more than “just a title,” but the source did say that she and Alev “have spoken about marriage” as something that can happen later down the line.

“Marriage is not the sole focus whatsoever,” the source adds. “At the end of the day, what matters most is that the baby is healthy and that she has a loving relationship with the father of her baby, and right now, she for sure loves and adores Alev. They are very much in love.”

January 27, 2021

Surprise!!! Halsey reveals she’s pregnant with her very first child by dropping some stunning maternity photos to her Instagram account. Naturally, some people are clueless about who Halsey’s dating, but she clears up all speculation by tagging Alev on her baby bump.


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October 27, 2020

Halsey and Alev head out to pick up some art supplies…but manage to not make any questionable moves in public that suggest they’re in a relationship with each other.

June 22, 2020

Alev and Halsey get matching tattoos together, and manage to be super low-key about it! Tattoo artist Amanda Owley gushes about her experience with Alev and Halsey on Instagram and explains the meaning behind their ink. “Today I met the sweetest two people. Ashley and Alev. You may know her better as HALSEY @iamhalsey. “Seeds” is for planting seeds. She said this is cosmicly the best week to plant seeds in your life,” she writes. “I agree….[Written] In each other’s handwriting. Thanks for making an appointment at @liquid_tattoo_llc and making my day.”


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March 21, 2019

Halsey and Alev hit up a Los Angeles Lakers game at the Staples Center, and Alev is so happy about attending the event that he actually posts a picture of him and Halsey courtside watching the game, and thanked her for the experience on Instagram. “Back when I did a very cool thing I’ll prob never get to do again – massive thanks @iamhalsey for the courtside experience. Only ones not on our phones, actually watching the game. 🙏🏻,” his caption reads.


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And that’s all we have on Halsey and Alev’s relationship, but be sure to check back here for any and all updates!

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