90 Day Fiance The Other Way Recap: Ariela Weinberg Never Actually “Broke Up” With Leandro!

90 Day Fiance's best spinoff, The Other Way, continues its third season.

On Season 3, Episode 2, Ariela's ex-husband met her fiance for the first time.

Biniyam struggled to understand why they divorced … which led to a very interesting conversation.

Viewers get to hear from Alina for the first time before she and Steven meet up in Turkey.

In addition to introducing herself, Alina has some worries … and Steven has some secrets that he hasn't told her.

Fan-favorite couple Kenneth and Armando returned.

Now, they need to plan the wedding, but they need to worry about family issues, possible bigotry, and their own different ideas.

Speaking of different ideas, Evelin and Corey are finally planning their wedding … but aren't seeing eye-to-eye.

Or eye-to-wallet.

Jenny and Sumit managed to calm down after last week's explosive confrontation.

Sumit thinks that he's found a loophole, since he has decided that marrying the woman he loves is off-limits for now.

Ellie breaks the news to some friends that her "vacation" to Columbia will actually be a move.

They are stunned … and Ellie makes an alarming revelation about Victor's history.

1.Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre

2.He claims that he's not jealous

3.Biniyam thinks that she's ashamed of the ring

4.But Ariela didn't leave the ring on purpose


6.Biniyam doesn't like it

7.Leandro has a totally different mindset

8.They bring him home

9.Leandro comes bearing gifts

10.Biniyam is immediately weird about it

11.Biniyam is, unfortunately, not very mature about it

12.Biniyam asks why they aren't still together

13."We never actually broke up"

14.Steven Johnston and Alina

15.We finally get to hear from Alina!

16.She is studying Chinese language and Asian politics

17.She gushes about Steven

18.She lives with her mother and grandmother

19.Also, Steven is Mormon

20.Alina explains the confusion

21.For the record …

22.Alina attended some virtual Mormon services

23.Alina's grandmother is spitting facts

24.But it's Alina's decision to make

25.Alina tries on outfits before her trip


27.Alina has never actually had sex

28.Time for a VERY fair question

29.But … what the what?!

30.Nastia and Julia have an idea

31.But there's something that Alina does not know

32.Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio

33.It's time for wedding planning

34.Armando has BIG plans for their wedding

35.HOW many?

36.Armando's biggest worry is who will actually come

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