26 Tweets That Are Peak Chrissy Teigen

1.The time life caught up with her real quick:

2.The time she asked the question that really matters most:

3.This Kidz Bop confusion:

4.This post-pregnancy epiphany:

5.The time she wished she could use Photoshop:

6.And then the time she actually tried it out:

7.The time she was tired of seeing bad penises:

8.This real-life magic:

9.This all-too-accurate realization:

10.This almost-very-innovative idea:

11.This time where she was just so freakin’ relatable:

12.The time Pokémon Go called her out:

13.This makeup misunderstanding:

14.The time she enjoyed the cocktail of her hungover self’s dreams:

15.The time she got real about 50 Cent:

16.This response to all her internet haters:

17.This “cuter/more hip” version of an STI:

18.The time she was alarmed about her hamster:

19.The time she embraced her laziness:

20.The time she dreamed about Justin Bieber:

21.This *very* understandable reason to be upset:

22.The time she was, like, basically all of us at 4:30 a.m.:

23.The time she couldn’t remember if she actually met Jon Gosselin:

24.This idea to create a book club we’d ALL join:

25.The time she summed up internet culture:

26.And of course, the most important inquiry of all:

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