We're Seeing Stars Over Milk Makeup's Limited-Edition Astrology Beauty Stamps

We’re Seeing Stars Over Milk Makeup’s Limited-Edition Astrology Beauty Stamps

We’ve seen the Milk Makeup Beauty Stamps all over social media, but we weren’t prepared for this. Just in time for the holidays, they’ve launched limited-edition Astrology Beauty Stamps! There’s one for every sign, so whether you’re a passionate Aries or a fun-loving Libra, you’ll be represented. Plus, the product itself is so much fun to use, and allows you to express yourself with makeup in a really unique way. It’s also transfer-proof, water-resistant, and vegan; your makeup won’t budge and you’ll be doing animals a favor. Astrology devotees and beauty fans alike are going to swoon over this collection, so hurry and shop before they’re gone!

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