Watch 1 Girl Get Her Confidence Back Post-Breakup With A Stunning Hair Transformation

Whether it was dyeing the tips of my naturally black hair to a fire engine red to rebel as a teenager or cutting my waist-length hair into an asymmetrical bob after moving to a new city, I’ve been through my fair share of hair experiments. For many of us, changing our hair is an easy way to redefine ourselves after big, life-changing events. It can be a reaction to something positive, like a new job, or negative, like a breakup — we’ve all been there.

Watch YouTube beauty personality Jade Kendle help one girl heal after an emotional breakup, inside and out. After years of treating her hair with heat, Kiahna Eve Esquea’s curl pattern changed and lost its bounce. Plus, a breakup affected her self-confidence and outlook. Watch her physical and inner transformation, with the help of Jade and a stylist.

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