This Moisturizing Hair Treatment Is My Secret to Heat-Free, Voluminous Beach Waves

Lush R&B

This Summer, after my most recent haircut, I decided to ditch my curling wand and flat iron in an effort to grow long, strong, and healthy hair. To help, I’ve been looking to Lush R&B ($26 for 3.5 oz), one of my favorite products by the brand.

My relationship with the hair treatment first started when I was 16 years old. I was browsing through the brand’s brightly colored array of products before coming across this jar, which the store associate let me know was perfect for defining and moisturizing my medium-coarse waves. Sixteen-year-old me — who wasn’t a stranger to impulse buys — bought two of the small-sized jars on the spot.

I used it to style my hair all throughout high school and college on the days that I simply didn’t have time to hit my wavy hair with a flat iron. It helped my hair grow like a weed (it was passed my butt by my junior year of undergrad) and smell like a garden of tropical flowers at all times (a scent that the guy I was dating at the time couldn’t stop raving about).

To apply it, I pick up about half a teaspoon’s worth of the emollient cream with my pointer and middle finger and work it into my hair from the mid-lengths to the ends. Then, I twirl my hair into a loose, low bun, and let it dry. Once I unravel the knot and shake out my hair, it’s in defined beach waves that loosen throughout the day. The cream is rich enough to also keeps my frizz down for hours, but on especially hot and humid days, I use a pea-sized amount to touch up any hair that is out of place.

It’s been years, and I never foresee myself breaking up with this hair product. Ahead, check out my go to for defining my waves and keeping me from heat tools.

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