This is how to achieve the perfect blow-dry at home

It may have been Princess Charlotte’s first day of school yesterday, but her mother – the Duchess of Cambridge – stole the show with her picture-perfect blow-dry.

It left many of us wanting to know the secret to Kate’s bouncy, blown out style.

Unless you’re a hair technician or beauty expert, it’s unlikely you’ll know how to carry out a salon-worthy look.

But we’ve spoken to experts on how to create a stunning blow-dry at home – saving you both time and money.

Be sure to prep

As with any beauty or hair regime, preparation is key.

Start the process by towel-drying hair – for the best results hair should be around 80% dry before styling commences.

Hairdresser Steven Carey, of Steven Carey in Mayfair, says: ‘Start by towel drying your hair first and never rub the hair, always pat the hair. Rubbing can cause the hair to frizz.’

Adding a heat protection spray will protect hair from the hot blast of the hairdryer and will lock in all the moisture from the wash. Just be sure to put most of the product on the ends of the hair, rather than on the scalp, otherwise hair may look greasy on top. Not a look you want.

Next, get out any knots with a detangling brush or comb – these are softer on your scalp than brushes.

Invest in a good hairdryer

The saying goes: ‘a bad workman always blames his tools’ – but it does tend to help if the tools in question are designed for the best results.

Scout out a dryer that has at least 1,800 watts and multiple heat settings. Medium settings are best for pre-drying whereas higher temperatures work for getting hair into shape.

A nozzle is of utmost important for a bouncy blow-dry as it helps to direct the heat onto the hair, creating that silky smooth finish.

Jay Birmingham, a celebrity hair dresser and salon owner, says: ‘Make sure you keep the nozzle pointed downwards on your hair to ensure you smooth the cuticle and create that smooth look.

‘Use the brush to create a soft bend through the ends of your hair like Kate – angle this towards your face for a glamorous look.’

To give extra volume to the crown, keep the brush and nozzle close to the roots and then pull upwards in short motions.

Jay adds: ‘When you come to the top section of your hair, use the brush to style your hair away from your face, this will help you achieve that voluminous effect that Kate wears so well.’

Once you’re finished, Jay says to ‘use your fingers to shake your hair out to ensure the finished effect isn’t too “done” or polished.’

Use a round brush

A round bristle brush helps to polish and straighten the hair (giving you that silky finish).

It’s also worth noting that the bigger the surface area of the brush the quicker the drying time.

There are plenty of great products on the market from well-known hair brands including ghd and Phillip Kingsley, as well as luxury designers such as Balmain.

Do it in sections

Anyone who has ever been to hair salon will be familiar with this method.

Sectioning off is a great technique to ensure all of your hair is dry and to make sure excess heat isn’t applied to areas of the head.

Start from the bottom layers and work up – this is a great way to guarantee all hair is dry.

Jennie Galgey, an award-winning hair stylist who runs Bridal Hair by Jennie, says: ‘As you finish off each section, blast the area with cold air – there is usually a button you can use for this.

‘This helps to hold the shape that you’re aiming for. This is exactly what the professionals do when you’re in the salon.

‘If you have a fringe, make sure your finish this last and dry your fringe forward and seal it with cold air as you have done with all of the other sections’

Stock up on the right products

There are a number of products on the market to help add some finesse to your blowout.

Opting for a volumising shampoo and conditioner could help give some extra height to your hair.

Those who are prone to frizz can reach for a hair oil, both before and after a blow-dry. This will help keep those wispy little strands at bay and give an all round smoothness to your mane.

Phil Smith, a celebrity hairstylist, also adds: ‘The night before you know you’re blow-drying your hair include a nourishing hair mask in your routine to boost moisture. This will help the appearance and texture of your hair.’

Be aware of different hair types

It’s simple science – the process will take longer for those with more hair. So anyone blessed with thicker hair will have to spend a little more time with a hairdryer in hand.

This is also the case for individuals with curly and wavy hair looking to create a straight look.

Practice makes perfect

Unless you’re some kind of hair wizard, the chances are the first time you attempt a blow-dry at home it won’t turn out looking like a Kate Middleton’s barnet.

But don’t let this dishearten you.

The more you practice, the quicker and easier you’ll find the process.

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