These 10 Nail Polishes Are Proof That Everything Is Better With Glitter

Whether finely milled or super chunky, glitter polish is always a good choice. Not only is the glittery goodness foolproof to apply (its light refraction easily hides streaks and mistakes!), it also typically stays on the longest out of any type of polish (aside from gel, of course). Here, nine polishes that will help get your nails party-ready in just one coat.

Dare I say this is the gold glitter polish to end all gold glitter polishes? The specks in this formula look as luxe as real gold flakes, and no one has to know they’re not.

From far away, this multicolored polish looks iridescent, which is great if you’re still into the unicorn trend (no shame!)

If the shade name isn’t reason enough to love this polish, the mix of blue, fuchsia, and purple glitter definitely is.

The silvery specks and black base of this polish will make your nails look as dreamy as a nighttime constellation.

Love the fall foliage? Then you’ll die for the coppery tones in this rich gold polish. I can already see the apple-picking Instagram.

Don’t be mislead by the subtle shimmer in this formula! This iridescent polish was made for the mermaid at heart.

Microscopic specks of gold take this emerald polish from basic green to glam.

Consider this glistening, muted pewter the neutral of metallics.

Red nails are a holiday classic, but this shimmering version takes it to the next level.

Every day’s a disco with this chunky silver topcoat. 

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