The Internet Is Losing Its Sh*t Over Camila Cabello’s Platinum Blonde Hair

Okay, so people on the internet have been freaking out over Camila Cabello for three major reasons lately. Let’s list them, shall we?

While it’s hard to believe that Camila would ever diverge from her beautiful chocolate tresses, it looks like she may have (temporarily) switched out her signature brunette shade in favor of a platinum blonde bob, semi-wet and complete with exposed roots and bangs. Yes—bangs…meaning that she’s really going for it here. The blonde, which is likely a hella good lace front wig (don’t @ Me), is quite the departure for her, but we’re totally digging the edgier vibe it gives off. We see you, Camila!

Fans of Camila called her new hair style into question on Monday when she finally took a break from being boo’d up with Shawn posted a brand-new photo on Instagram, promoting the video for her newest single “Find You Again,” which is set to release tomorrow. In the photo’s caption, she asked fans “what should her name be?” meaning that she’s likely going to be channeling some sort of alter ego character. Beyoncé had Sasha Fierce and Christina Aguilera had Xtina, so it’s really only fair that Camila gets one at this point in her career. (BRB, quickly brainstorming some names for Camila’s alter ego.)

what should her name be? 🧐🧐🧐🧐 find you again vid is out tomorrow 🥰

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Further proving the point that Camila’s blonde bob might be a wig is that she posted a picture literally 10 hours later of her (sans wig) and Billie Eilish, who recently got a neon-green dye job.

💚💚💚💚 sweet human @billieeilish

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