Thanks to This Body Oil, I Now Have a Post-Island-Vacation Glow

The OUAI Hair and Body Oil ($32) makes my skin look like I just summered on an island getaway. Did I mention it’s Winter?

Let’s start from the beginning. I’ve been so itchy. I have dry patches across my entire body, and between the cold, New York City weather and my apartment’s heating system pulling all the moisture from the air, my skin has been uncomfortably thirsty and tight. The OUAI Rose Hair and Body Oil has always been on my list of beauty products to try, initially because of how beautifully it photographed and styled in Instagram photos, but ultimately because it was dual-purpose: it moisturizes everything from my hair down to my feet. With my entire body in need of moisture, now was a better time than ever. I slathered the rose-scented, peach-colored liquid across my body after a night time shower and found that it was lightweight, absorbing quickly without dripping on my bathroom floor. I then worked three spritzes into the ends of my hair.

I’m not exaggerating when I say I looked like I had just spent some time in a cabana on Boracay Beach. My caramel skin was so moisturized — thanks to the blend of rose hip and shea oils) it was glowing; and my wavy hair loved the texture of the oil, taking on it’s natural wave pattern minus it’s typical frizz. It’s basically a vacation in a bottle — just way cheaper.

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