Singer Jacob Whitesides, 21, On His ‘Type’ & What He Looks For In A Girlfriend

The new face of Viktor & Rolf fragrances is opening up to EXCLUSIVELY about what he looks for in a girlfriend and who inspires him to write the best songs.

Jacob Whitesides is the sexy new face of the soon-to-launch Viktor&Rolf Spicebomb Night Vision scent. The fragrance is spicy yet fresh, and hits stores this March! spoke to Jacob EXCLUSIVELY all about being the new face of the fragrance campaign, his upcoming music, and of course, what he looks for in a girlfriend!

HL: What is a scent that brings back strong memories for you?
JW: I feel like specifically Disney World, I can’t tell you exactly what the scent is, but I feel like Disney World has this machine that pumps out a nostalgic smell throughout all their resorts and parks. Disney World just makes me so happy, I literally have a Mickey Mouse tattoo because I love Disney World so much!

HL: Do you have a type? What do you look for in a girlfriend?
JW: All the girls I have dated have all been pretty different from one another. I learn to appreciate new things about each one — I never go into a relationship looking for something specific. I like the obvious stuff, like humor, but I feel like I go into every new potential relationship looking for new things to appreciate and learn about the person.

HL: How do you get inspired to write music?
JW: I write my best music when I am feeling sad or alone. When I’m feeling this way, I generally am not in the mood to sit down with my guitar, so I will just write a bunch of notes in my phone. When I’m ready to write, it’s nice to go back to my notes and re-channel these emotions with a clearer mind. I wrote around 25 songs after going through my first major breakup and heartbreak. I was feeling particularly inspired and the voice inside my head was talking to me the most. When I am in a happy relationship or mood, I also write down lyrics and make music, but less often. When I think of something happy, I want to say it directly to the person vs. writing it down, but when I am sad, I like to internalize these thoughts and jot them down.

HL: What’s your typical grooming routine?
JW: I get up and typically like to shave my face before I get into the shower. While I am in the shower, I always shave my left arm that has my sleeve on it, so it is easier to read. I am passionate about moisturizing, so I put on lots of lotion, specifically cocoa butter. As an adult now, I started brushing my teeth in the shower to save time. I finish off with putting on some deodorant and putting my clothes on.

HL: Why did you decide to partner with Viktor&Rolf?
JW: I think that Viktor&Rolf is such an awesome brand and the scent and concept behind it really spoke to me. Social media is such a big part of my job and life and I was immediately intrigued when I heard that this fragrance was inspired by the digital world and basically how people communicate behind the screen or in the dark. The new Spicebomb Night Vision is really fresh and modern and I thought it was fitting that this fragrance is launching at a time in my career where I am also going through some big changes!

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