JLo Beauty is coming – here's what we know so far

The industry may already be inundated with celebrity brands, but we can’t help but get excited that JLo Beauty is on its way. With little info available, we predict what this new collection will feature.

Jennifer Lopez is such a tease.

Just yesterday she took to Instagram to subtly dropped the bomb that a JLo Beauty line is coming soon. But then that was it. Silence. Literally no further information. When will it launch? What products will it feature? Where will we be able to buy it? Nothing. It really feels like JLo has left us on read. 

The only clue we have to work from is the series of ridiculously glowy selfies, and the caption ‘Sunset Glow’ that she shared alongside the news. That, and the fact she’s become something of a beauty icon, known for her dewy sheen and meticulously manicured brows.

But until Jennifer divulges any further detail (anything, please!) it got team Stylist thinking: if JLo Beauty could consist of literally anything in the world, what would we want it to be?

Would it be a full skincare lineup or would it focus on make-up? Would it be a series of base products designed to amp up radiance? Is she working on a moisturiser that layers skin in ridiculous shine? Or is she working on a perfume? A refresh of her iconic JLo Glow fragrance, perhaps?

Below, we share our wildest hopes and dreams for this exciting new celebrity beauty brand. JLo, if you need any ideas, you know where to find us. 

Shannon Peter, beauty director

“Firstly, and this is a complete non-negotiable, I hope that every single product smells like an entire bottle of JLo Glow. It just has to. That perfume saw me through some of the most formative years of my life, so I’d like the daily reminder of it as I apply my make-up or do my skincare. Then I also hope for a next-level highlighter. The kind that layers your cheeks in so much sheen, they can be seen from space.”

Hanna Ibraheem, senior beauty writer

“I want a balmy/creamy highlighter (with zero glitter please) that coats my cheeks in a gorgeous, golden hued glow and melts into my skin. I also want a bronzer that will give me her sharp, lifted cheekbones without leaving me with a muddy streak down my cheek and makes it look like I’ve got a sunkissed hint of colour. And an eyebrow pencil that gives me defined, structured brows without taking over my whole face. I love how feathery hers are without looking really dark and heavy.”

Kiran Meeda, beauty assistant

“I’ve got high hopes the line will include a super pigmented satin finish eyeshadow that’ll keep my lids looking effortlessly glowy all day. But, I also expect a gloss. A very shiny, very clear JLO gloss.Something that gives me a reason to listen to Lil Mama’s Lipgloss on repeat.”

Felicity Thistlethwaite, executive editor digital

“I just want whatever face cream she is obviously swimming in because her skin is constantly glowing!”

Jazmin Kopotsha, deputy editor digital

 “Will there be tutorials please? Or is that Scott man off of Instagram gonna be doing it all? Also how many shades of gold is too many? I would like her multi-tonal glow, please. Or maybe she could just give us stencils and templates to get that cheek bone shape right? Please.”

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