I've Tried $673 Worth of Acne Products, and Here's What Finally Worked

I’ve Tried $673 Worth of Acne Products, and Here’s What Finally Worked

I’ve struggled with hormonal acne for years and, like a lot of other people, thought I had it under control until I had to shelter in place. Just as the memes suggest, nature is restoring itself and our collective acne concerns have returned in full force. So, how do we deal with it? With my breakouts difficult to predict these days, I knew it would be important to find products I could trust, that focused heavily on controlling oil production, reducing scars, as well as retaining moisture, so that, hopefully, by the time most of the country is adjusting to another new normal, my complexion and skin barrier wouldn’t be totally compromised.

For the past few weeks, I set out to find products that actually work, crowdsourcing suggestions from friends and colleagues until I found the best of the best. While these products have been working for me, not all might benefit your skin in the same way. Do your research, pay attention to ingredients, and find some comfort in knowing that what’s likely stress-induced acne is not easy to manage, and you’re not alone. Hopefully, this routine — that includes both affordable gems and splurge-worthy formulas — subsides some of your biggest skin concerns right now.

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