I Wore Nothing but Huda Beauty's New Concealer to See How Much It Covers

I Wore Nothing but Huda Beauty’s New Concealer to See How Much It Covers

After Huda Beauty’s foundation was able to completely cover my hives during an epic allergic reaction last year, I was eager to try the brand’s new concealer. The Overachiever High Coverage Concealer ($30) comes in 20 shades and contains 31 percent pigment, meaning it’s very opaque. It’s also fortified with green tea to erase signs of stress and aging and includes a cooling metal tip. Huda Beauty created the concealer to be multitasking, so you can hide acne, hyperpigmentation, under-eye circles, and redness with just one product.

Even when just running to Starbucks, I normally like to wear a medium- to full-coverage foundation to feel my best. However, I decided to skip foundation altogether to test out this new launch. If the brand could be trusted to cover hives, I was confident the concealer would be enough to cover my zits and under-eye circles. After using a Beautyblender ($20) to dot and blend the product under my eyes, on my chin, around my nose, and anywhere else I encountered discoloration, I was surprisingly happy with the results. While I felt the need to add a little bit of salmon-colored corrector under my eyes to get rid of the blue tone of my under-eye circles, my face looked pretty good.

I would highly suggest you try out the formula, especially if you prefer to go without foundation, because this concealer really will do the complexion-perfecting job well.

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