Glow Recipe Is Launching A Super Cute New Fruit & Veggie Themed Line At Target

When it comes to K-Beauty, there are some names that you should know, and one of them is Glow Recipe. The K-Beauty brand is home to some of Sephora’s best-sellers like their Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask and Blueberry Bounce Cleanser. Now, Glow Recipe’s new Sweet Chef line is coming, and not only is it from the brilliant brains behind the Glow Recipe name, but it’s also affordable and available at Target. Excited yet? Thought so.

Just in case you aren’t familiar with Glow Recipe, they’re a Korean beauty brand and curation site founded by Sarah Lee and Christine Chang who have over 20 years of beauty industry expertise between them. The brand originally began as a curation site for all things K-Beauty and has since evolved into a brand. Remember that Watermelon Sleeping Mask that had a 5,000 person waiting list? That was them. If you’ve been seeing avocados everywhere on Instagram, that’s their new Avocado Sleep Mask. Basically, they’re a big deal in K-Beauty, and they’re bringing their fans an affordable, in-store option so soon.

Glow Recipe’s new brand Sweet Chef harnesses all the valuable nutrients and benefits of fruits and vegetables and places them into skin care. The best news? Sweet Chef is coming right around the corner!

According to the brand, the new Sweet Chef line is set to debut on Glow Recipe’s website on Jan. 16, and the brand has already set up a pre-order link for those who can’t wait to get their hands on these items. Another piece of good news is that not only will Sweet Chef be available on the Glow Recipe site, but it’ll be available in Target stores on Jan. 27. Yes, there’s now even more things to spend your money on in Target.

In addition to a launch date that’s right around the corner and availability in a major retailer, Sweet Chef is also an affordable option for your wallet. According to the brand, all three of the new serums are set to retail for just $19.99 each, and their matching sheet masks are just $3.50.

What makes the brand unique, however, is its ability to be mixed and matched. In the Sweet Chef line, you’ll find three different serum and sheet mask combinations: Ginger + Vitamin C to brighten the skin, Kale + Vitamin B to hydrate, and Beet + Vitamin A to refine and smooth. While each serum can be paired with its matching face mask, the serums can also be mixed and matched together in a Korean beauty trend called Double Serum.

In the video about the launch, founders Lee and Change explain that Double Serum is the process of layering thin serums to get multiple benefits. With Sweet Chef, you can mix and match all three of the new serums to get everything from glass skin to a bouncy skin texture. Plus, the serums can be incorporated into everything from your daily moisturizer to your makeup for some extra glow.

If you want to get your hands on the latest creation from Glow Recipe, Sweet Chef, mark your calendars for Jan. 16 for online shopping and Jan. 27 to shop in Target stores. You won’t want to miss the fruit and veggie themed launch.

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