Fashion Nova's Replica of Meghan Markle's Wedding Dress Is Super Cute and Dirt Cheap

Meghan Markle continues to cause clothes to fly off the racks and Fashion Nova is trying to get in on her style journey by selling a super affordable and equally chic replica of her second wedding dress because, honestly, you can’t just wear her first gown to your next formal without looking cray.

Knowing that, the Insta-famous brand recreated her Stella McCartney gown for the low-low, and it’s going for only $44, which you could save just by skipping a week’s worth of fancy lattes. If that price makes you shudder, remember Meghan’s original cost about $100,000 and the replicas Stella McCartney is selling to the public cost about $4,660 so it could be much, much more expensive.

While Meghan’s dress had some wiggle room so she could dance to Whitney Houston all night, you can expect Fashion Nova’s “Royal Debut Dress” to hug alllll of your curves and enhance the ones you maybe didn’t even know you had.

BRB, buying two of these babies in case of any unfortunate spills.

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