Does rosemary oil really help your hair grow? Everything you need to know

Written by Zeynab Mohamed

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Mielle’s Rosemary Mint hair oil is getting a lot of love on TikTok and keeps selling out. But is it worth the hype? Here’s what you need to know.

Hailed as the It oil for hair growth, the Mielle Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Strengthening Oil, £10.95, is a hot commodity right now. Never on the shelf, and with over 42.7 million views on TikTok alone, it just may be the hardest oil to get hold of. 

I’m on a hair growth mission and, of course, my TikTok For You page is very much aware of this. With every scroll, I see another clip raving about the wonders of this particular product. The proclaimed results are bold, with some individuals saying they have seen increased hair growth within a matter of weeks. “I’ve only been using this for a little over a month, and I’ve already seen tremendous hair growth,” TikTok creator Alix Earle said in a recent video to her 3.9 million followers. I was both excited and sceptical, but very intrigued to try the oil myself.

Let’s take it from the very beginning. Mielle was founded by Monique Rodriguez, whose mission was to fill a gap in the haircare industry. She developed products that her hair type needed but that she struggled to find on the beauty aisles. Enter: the Mielle Rosemary Mint oil, formulated as an intense nutrient-rich dose to support several hair concerns, from dry scalp to length retention, using natural ingredients and essential oils specifically for thicker hair. 

The oil wasn’t marketed expressly for hair growth, but when beauty fans on TikTok got hold of it, they were keen to spread the word of its benefits. The star ingredient, rosemary oil, has been linked with hair growth in several studies. In fact, a 2015 study reported rosemary oil to be as effective as minoxidil,a medication used for the treatment of high blood pressure and hair loss. 

It’s thought that rosemary oil can work to speed up the process of cell turnover and growth, while mint oil in the formula is great for stimulating the scalp. The menthol in peppermint is a vasodilator, which improves blood flow. The idea is that more blood flow means more circulation, which means more hair growth. 

Mielle makes the hair oil you’ve seen all over your TikTok For You feed.

There are also the added benefits that come with the process of hair oiling. Massaging your scalp with any hair oil can work to stimulate circulation and deliver beneficial ingredients direct to the roots. Nourishing the rest of your hair with oil can also minimise breakage, giving the illusion of better growth. 

While the science looks promising, it’s still relevantly new. “Scientific research on hair growth is very preliminary,” stresses Cindy Angerhofer, PhD pharmacognosist and Aveda’s executive fellow of botanical research. “We do know that rosemary is known to be stimulating to the senses and has strong antioxidant activity. However, more research needs to be done before we can understand its potential mechanisms.”

Anecdotal evidence is looking strong, however. Take a quick scroll through TikTok and you’ll find endless videos showing incredible hair growth and people buying 15 bottles of Mielle Rosemary Mint oil at a time. 

One fan, Anika Khan, tells Stylist it “totally transformed” her hair. “I was suffering from bald patches and shredding that showed no signs of stopping,” she explains. “It caused me immense stress, which I’m sure wasn’t helping, but since introducing the Mielle Rosemary Mint oil, I’ve noticed less breakage, fuller and healthier-looking hair and, most importantly, I’m seeing hair growth.”

Aisha Ahmed echoes this glowing review: “I’m never not using the Mielle Rosemary Mint oil,” she gushes. “It’s a staple and my hair loves it.” 

In fact, since asking for reviews of the product, I’ve received an influx of gushing feedback. “It’s the best oil for hair growth. My edges are so full now,” shares Mary Reid.

But it hasn’t all been so golden. “Since introducing the Mielle oil, my hair has been shedding loads,” Michelle Evans shared with me. Meanwhile, Sarah Adams, another woman using Mielle, reported that her scalp has never felt drier.  

“Most people can use oils with no issues,” says Ebuni Ajiduah, a trichologist, author and founder of the Untype salon, “but I see a lot of side effects like dry scalp, dandruff and even burns or irritation – especially from using essential oils incorrectly.”

Personally, I’ve tried the Mielle oil and loved it. I’ve polished off one bottle and am waiting to get my hands on a second. My hair definitely seems to have grown longer and stronger, and while I can’t say with absolute certainty that this is down to the Mielle oil, it was the only change I made in my routine, and my hair typically grows at a snail’s pace. 

According to Google searches, the top hair concern is hair loss and thinning, so it’s no surprise that any product that could boost growth is getting buzz. But it’s important to recognise that hair loss can be caused by a range of factors, and buying a new product won’t be a magic bullet.

As Ajiduah explains: “There are many different forms of hair loss and it is important to identify the cause before treatment. Some forms of hair loss are temporary and regrowth occurs without intervention, so it can seem like external products were of benefit.’’

Ajiduah also warns against skipping past professional products and applying pure rosemary oil to your scalp in hope of incredible results. 

“I am a no pure oil girl, especially on the scalp,” she notes. “Oils have their place but are best used in combination, meaning a well formulated product.” 

Hair oiling, if done correctly, can have many benefits for the scalp

It might not be what you want to hear, but despite the glowing reviews on TikTok, the Mielle oil and similar products might not be the wonder buy you’re hoping for. Give them a go, sure, but ensure you’re nailing the other basics of hair and scalp care first. That means protective styling, limiting breakage and managing your physical and mental health. 

I’ll continue to use the Mielle Rosemary Mint oil on my hair, along with a silk pillowcase, a massaging tool and a scalp exfoliator. Here’s hoping my hair growth mission will be a success, and I’ve rounded up my top product recommendations ahead. 

  • Gisou Honey-Infused Hair Oli

    An alternative to the sold-out Mielle option, this is another hair oil everyone on TikTok has been loving, made with honey to lock in moisture.

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  • K18 Peptide Prep Detox Shampoo

    A proper cleanse will allow your other haircare products to work effectively. 

    Shop K18 Peptide Prep Detox Shampoo at Cult Beauty, £39


  • Aveda Invati Advanced Scalp Revitalizer

    Designed to boost scalp circulation, a blend of ayuverdic herbs, turmeric, ginseng, and vitamin E could help to reduce breakage and hair loss. 

    Shop Aveda Invati Advanced Scalp Revitalizer at Lookfantastic, £53


  • Slip Silk Pillowcase

    Minimise hair breakage by snoozing on a silk pillowcase. 

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