16 Photos of Twist-Out Hairstyles That Are So Perfect, It Isn't Even Fair

I have a love-hate relationship with twist-outs, a common natural-hair-styling method achieved by installing several twists throughout a head of damp natural hair and allowing them to set or dry for several hours. Ideally, the end result is a head full of defined curls that can be worn for a few days at a time — the key word here being ideally, since the style isn’t always easy to nail. For some people, a common struggle with twist-outs is getting the desired curl definition, while others tend to have issues with factors like frizz and lack of volume.

With that said, none of that means you can’t get a perfect twist-out — just take a look some of the women ahead who’ve managed to style their hair to perfection. Keep reading for some twist-out hairstyle inspiration to keep in the back of your mind during your next wash day.

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