Gymnast shows off her incredible flexibility by performing contortion tricks in the seat of a plane

Gymnast Stefanie Millinger was travelling to Poland when she decided to take in-flight exercises to another level.

In a video posted to her Instagram, Stefanie, 25, from Austria starts by standing on her tip toes with her back bent over backwards.

She manages to lower her head so that it was parallel with the back of her knees.

After smiling at the camera, she contorts her body by climbing down the back of the seat until she is completely bent backwards and pushes her head between her ankles.

By the end, she has her legs over her head in a C-shape position.

She then decides to clip the seatbelt in over her back, before giving a cheeky smile to the camera.

The video was shared by Instagram account Passenger Shaming and has been seen more than 200,000 times.

It was captioned: "PRO TRAVEL TIP: Wear your seatbelt on the plane!

"If this lovely girl can manoeuvre her body into one, I think you can too.

"We don’t want you injured, folks. The crew is your friend."

Instagram users loved the unusual seating technique.

One wrote: "Should I ask her to sit upright before fasten seatbelt?"

Another remarked: "I broke my back just by watching this."

Some were conflicted: "I don't know if [I] find contortionists admirable or creepy."

From reading porn to drawing on the planes, passengers often do bizarre things on flights.

A couple previously decided to perform acrobatics during a flight by doing yoga.

The pair were spotted going through the moves at the back of the plane in the galley using each other to stretch out.

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