MICF Review: Mel Buttle rolls with the punches

Melbourne Town Hall, until April 21

Mel Buttle’s show tears Australia’s baby boomer generation to shreds.

Last year was tough for Mel Buttle. Ruby, her dog, had a malignant tumour removed from her toe. A traumatic car crash ended in a strange look from a tow-truck driver. And, her fiance "forgot she was straight" a few months ahead of their wedding.

"This show is mostly about me and how things went wrong," she said.

Buttle's dry critique of the perils of life had the audience in hysterics and her brutal assessment of people she disliked was brilliant.

"Pam is a 58-year-old gold-digging whore from Auckland," she said of her father's new girlfriend.

But the strongest parts of the show were her impersonations of her oh-so-Australian parents – her father, an ex-military retiree, who loves fads but hates talking about himself, and her mother a cask wine enthusiast who drinks "like a rugby player" and can't tell linear stories.

"They are the most under-diagnosed generation when it comes to mental health."

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