Jelly Belly’s New Sparkling Cupid Corn Is Here To Give Candy Corn The Romance Treatment

When you think about Valentine’s Day, you probably think of chocolate roses and candy hearts with cute little saying on ’em. I’m going to assume you don’t think about candy corn, because it’s somewhat of a spooky delicacy. However, Jelly Belly is breaking the seasonal mold with pink candy corn that tastes like strawberries. I’m serious: Jelly Belly’s new Sparkling Cupid Corn is here for Valentine’s Day, and it’ll be your favorite romantic treat of the season.

I know, I know: Candy corn is known as a a "love or hate" kind of snack. I have friends who’d pass on the candy, and other who wouldn’t mind eating it by the handful (I am one of those people). Jelly Belly’s Valentine’s Day creation doesn’t taste like typical candy corn, though. According to a Jelly Belly spokesperson, Sparkling Cupid Corn has a "creamy strawberry" flavor. Therefore, anyone who doesn’t particularly enjoy the taste of OG candy corn might like the sweet taste of Jelly Belly’s new product.

If you’re hoping to give Sparkling Cupid Corn a try, you can buy it on Jelly Belly’s website for $2.99 per bag. If you end up loving it and want to buy the candy in bulk, you can also purchase 12 bags of it for $29.99 on the same site. The more candy corn, the better… right?

If you still need convincing, take the candy’s appearance into consideration. Per Jelly Belly, the Sparkling Cupid Corn pieces have a "swoon-worthy shimmer" to them. As you can see, they’re also red, pink, and white in color (as compared to the typical orange, yellow, and white shades). In other words, Sparkling Cupid Corn sounds delicious and Insta-worthy.

If you’d rather save candy corn for Halloween, you can opt for a few different Jelly Belly Valentine’s Day selections. One of them is the company’s Love Beans, which are basically jelly beans with shiny hearts stamped onto the sweet shells. The red and pink Love Beans come in a clear box that holds five different flavors, which include Red Apple, Jewel Very Cherry, Coconut, Cinnamon, and Cotton Candy. If you’re hoping to give Love Beans a try, you can buy a box for $6.99 on Jelly Belly’s website.

Now, I know what you might be thinking. Valentine’s Day seems incomplete without candies that have romantic sayings on them. (Sure, hearts and sparkles are adorable — but flirty messages are fun.) Thankfully, Jelly Belly took that into consideration and also released Conversation Beans for the holiday. Jelly Belly’s Conversation Beans are sour jelly beans with romantic sayings written on them, including "HUGS," "KISS," "ILY," and more. As the product’s name puts it, they’re perfect conversation starters for anyone hoping to get their "flirt" on this Valentine’s Day. You can buy these on Jelly Belly’s website for $1.50.

Between Sparkling Cupid Corn, Love Beans, and Conversation Beans, it’s clear that Jelly Belly has you covered for Valentine’s Day. If you’re hoping to buy all of them (and more), check out Jelly Belly’s website. According to a Jelly Belly spokesperson, you can also check your favorite candy retailer for the romantic products.

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