Huge crowds gather in Hyde Park for ‘International Weed Day’

Large groups of cannabis lovers have gathered in central London calling for the drug to be legalised.

Today is '420 Day' – an annual celebration of the Class B substance which sees enthusiasts light up spliffs in defiance of police.

Thousands of smokers have descended on Hyde Park to take part.

The protest is held each year on April 20 – because the date is 4.20, which smokers also claim is the 'perfect' time to spark up a joint.

Last year it is estimated that around 3,000 people went along, and the fine Bank Holiday weather is likely to help attract large crowds.

The activists are calling on the Government to legalise the Class B drug and risked arrest by using the illegal drug at the event.

Hemp producer Adam Ohman told the Evening Standard : "I want to see more of an acceptance."

Police are already stretched in the capital because of Extinction Rebellion protests, which have seen more than 700 people arrested this week.

Signs have gone up around the park warning that use of cannabis is illegal.

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