Ziggy to be brutally attacked by a stranger in Home and Away?

It’s safe to say Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) has been struggling since Brody (Jackson Heywood) left her for Simone (Emily Eskell), which has led to her spending the bulk of her free time partying to block out her pain. Keen for any distraction possible, her antics have caused Ben (Rohan Nichol) and Maggie (Kestie Morassi) to worry, with Dean (Patrick O’Connor) also keeping an eye on her in an effort to keep her out of trouble.

At the surf club, Ziggy catches the eye of out-of-towner Mark, who has come to Summer Bay with his friends for a holiday. Although she had initially ignored his comments as she went down to surf at the beach, she starts to get annoyed with Ben and ‘his minion’ Dean watching over her so intensely, and decides to join the group for a game of pool.

Dean is untrusting of the newcomers, and when he catches Ziggy on her way out with them, he asks her if everything is OK. Despite Ziggy saying she’s fine, he decides to approach Mark and tell him to leave her alone. Mark isn’t impressed that a complete stranger is telling him what to do, and ignores him.

Aware that Ben asked him to keep an eye on his daughter, Dean is watching from afar at the caravan park as Ziggy and the newcomers set up a bonfire and start to party.

Mark is impressed that Ziggy is a mechanic, saying it’s hot that a chick knows her way around an engine, and suggests they head back to his caravan. Trying to grab her when she refuses, Ziggy is left struggling. Will she get away from him?

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