The Summer Design Inspo That Is Blowing Up on Pinterest

After a winter stuck inside with the dark clouds billowing outdoors, we’re excited for warm weather, sunshine, and the requisite seasonal home makeover. As always, we found ourselves browsing Pinterest for decor inspiration, and sure enough, we started to spot some trends popping up over and over. Minimalism is still en vogue, but with a few changes — pattern mixing and brightly colored accents can breathe new life into that old style. Plants are still popping up everywhere (succulents are a good choice if you don’t have a green thumb), and warm tones like mustard, coral, and blush are bringing the sunshine in. If you’re also trying to give your house a makeover before the season really takes hold (once the heat’s here, you’d rather be at the beach!), take a look at some of these trendy design ideas. Pick one, two, or however many you think your space can handle, and get ready to enjoy your home’s new look all summer long.

Pattern Mixing

Low-key pattern mixing adds depth and texture to your design. If you keep to a minimalist color palette, you can add tons of patterns — this room uses polka dots, diamonds, stripes, herringbone, and more, but still feels serene.

Big, Bold Plants

Even if you don’t have a garden, you can enjoy the lush greens of summer by adding some big tropical plants indoors – they’re surprisingly easy to care for.

Mustard and Gold Tones

Warm mustard and gold tones mimic the bright sun outside without feeling too harsh. Darker shades can even create a feeling of calm in the bedroom.

Natural Materials

Unfinished wood, stone, and woven materials give your home a natural feeling, even in the kitchen.


Combine the natural materials trend with the plant trend and add a few macrame planters to your decor, drawing the eye upward and creating more vertical space in your home.

Updated Botanical Wallpaper

This isn’t the cheesy floral paper of your grandma’s house — it’s a sophisticated update.

Intricate Backsplashes

Countertops can go through a lot, so consider spending extra cash on an elaborate backsplash that will bring artistic interest to your kitchen (and isn’t under your knife all the time).

Bright Colors

Instead of stark, monotone minimalism, try punctuating all that white with some vibrant, deeply colored accents — a jewel tone couch and a large abstract painting liven up this space.

Pantone’s Living Coral

People are taking inspiration from Pantone’s color of the year and are adding warm coral, blush, sepia, and burnt sienna tones to their decor

Vivid Front Doors

You can give your home massive curb appeal with minimal effort by repainting your front door a vivid new shade (framing it with two large potted plants doesn’t hurt). 

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