KFC's Hacker Burger is the ultimate fried chicken mashup

KFC’s hacker burger is encouraging everyone to start messing around with the menu.

If you’ve ever ordered a burger from KFC and thought ‘yes, nice, but I’d like more chicken’, you’ll likely be on board with this.

KFC has officially launched their guide to what they call the Hacker Burger – a monster mashup of their Original Recipe fillet, a Zinger fillet, a hash brown, cheese, gravy, and lashings of garlic mayo.

To some, that sounds like a speedy path to indigestion and heartburn, but others may find such a tower of items appealing.

For those in the latter group, on we go.

Sadly, the Hacker Burger isn’t an official menu item, so if you charge in your nearest branch asking for one, you may be greeted with confused stares.

The good news is that KFC has shared their guide to ordering their masterpiece.

How to hack the KFC menu and order a Hacker Burger

Sounds a little complicated to us, but if you’re incredibly dedicated to your pursuit of an off-menu item, you go right ahead. We’d recommend asking for some extra napkins to wipe your hands down after all that fiddling.

If you fancy a Hacker Burger, the order will cost £7.67 in the UK.

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