18 Things You Didn't Realize You Desperately Missed Until Now

Life in the 21st century is pretty much constantly being bombarded with things you want, but can’t have. Unless you’re Ariana Grande.

Today on Twitter, the hashtag #StrangeThingsToBringBack reminded me of many things that I want, but can’t have. Not because I can’t afford them, but because they literally aren’t sold anymore. I’m not sure which one makes me angrier!!!

Here are some notable mentions:

1.Straws made out of literal cereal.

2.Barney-colored ketchup.

3.Cereal coated in yogurt.

4.The only candy that deserves to be kept in your car’s center console.

5.Videos from the best place on earth.

6.The View-Master, AKA pure magic.

7.Real life Scooby Snacks.

8.The snack so good it entered another dimension.

9.This player who won us over with his deep love and respect for his Mama.

10.The one item that made McDonald’s a perfect well-rounded fast food restaurant.

11.And the Happy Meal toy that cheered up every kid who didn’t get a Game Boy for their birthday.

12.The dog that you didn’t have to walk or feed.

13.Shoes that made you feel like you were walking on air.

14.This collectable item that wasn’t even a toy, but was somehow just as fun.

15.This digital book that somehow made learning *gasp* enjoyable?!

16.This iconic duo of cookies and frosting.

17.Split screen video games that you only needed one console for.

18.And the grooviest pants to ever bless the planet.

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