Rich Kids of Instagram flaunt their beach bums, designer shopping sprees and pet tigers in envy-inducing snaps

As us mere mortals start to look forward to barbecues and pints in pub gardens again, wealthy millennials have been splurging on champagne and fast cars.

With money no object, well-heeled ladies show off their pricey handbags, shoes, wardrobes and basically their entire lives.

Expensive manicures make it hard to carry all their designer shopping bags, but luckily they’ve got fleets of supercars to ferry them around.

Private jets litter their Instagram pages, accompanied by sun-soaked snaps of women in teeny tiny bikinis – though some headed for the slopes instead.

But it seems no one can resist the lure of fast food, with rich kid Rosie Williams writing: “Hey driver – will this Panther fit through a McDonald’s drive through?!”

And if you needed some inspiration for date night – here’s how the rich kids spent Valentine’s Day.

Or if you’re looking for an idea for where to holiday next, check out their snaps from these exotic locations.

Got kids? Take a browse through the wealthy babies of Instagram who are definitely richer than most adults.

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