Mum transforms her old wardrobe into ‘shoe heaven’ using cheap boxes from Ikea

A MUM has revealed her savvy trick which converted an old wardrobe into a 'shoe heaven', using just  selection of boxes from budget furniture shop IKEA.

Posting on the Kmart & Beyond Ideas Facebook group, the Australian woman shared pictures showing her neatly organised stilettos and shoes, each carefully placed in a box segment.

"Finally, my shoes have found a permanent place to sit down and relax," she captioned the post, which was liked and shared by dozens of astonished mums.

"I removed the shelves and converted my old wardrobe into my private shoe heaven. My husband was seriously impressed!"

The mum explained her simple method – involving no more than filling the wardrobe top to toe with IKEA storage boxes, which are priced at £7 for a pack of four.

Featuring a zip-up mesh panel, the SKUBB shoe boxes can be left open or closed, with IKEA adding in the product description that they are easy to 'fold away' when not needed.

And mums were 'seriously impressed' by the woman's efforts, taking to her post to praise her simple solution to tackling a messy shoe cupboard.

"Sit down and relax – I love it," one wrote. "Marie Kondo would be very impressed with your organisational skills."

Another added: "When they're put close together like that, it looks perfect."

"I have these too and they make the best little storage compartments – keeping all my shoes neat and tidy in my wardrobe," a third agreed. "And they're also great for transporting shoes to take away with you."

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