Mum-of-four begs people to stop asking women when their baby’s due – saying it’s ‘the most irritating thing about being pregnant’

A MUM-OF-FOUR has begged people to stop asking women when their babies are due, describing it as "the most irritating thing about being pregnant".

Writing for Kidspot, Jessica Offer said being constantly asked about her due date outdid the constant need to pee, swollen ankles, sore pelvis, indigestion and even the sleepless nights on the pre-baby anger scale.

Does it make me an arsehole to feel impatient? Or frustrated? Or ripped off? Does it make me an arsehole to constantly be commenting on how I’m feeling and whining? I don’t know. But it is what it is. And whatever that is right now, is fucked. I refuse to gloss over it. I just can’t wait til I’m back home and safe in my husband’s arms. #itiswhatitis #feelingit

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Among her most hated questions, which we're sure many mums can relate to, are "is it twins?", "your belly is huge" and "how are you still pregnant?"

She said: "As a pregnancy nears its expected end, women are having to deal with an onslaught of commentary from people about their pregnancy when really what needs to happen is everyone should just shut up.

"A woman's belly is not public property that needs to be given feedback on for improvement, it is fine just the way it is are thank-you-very-much."

Adding that there's no "oven timer" to count down and beep when the baby's about to pop, she explained all four of her pregnancies passed the 40-week mark.

It was an honour to be interviewed by Aly for @thecircleofbirth podcast. If you're interested in hearing me talk about birth (something I'm super passionate about), and would love to hear about me smash misconceptions about "post dates" pregnancies, go to her page and have a listen. Thank you Aly 🌀 #empoweredbirth #empoweringwomen #strongwomen #44weeks #postdates #overduepregnancy #overdue #normalizebirth @birthwithoutfear #birthwithoutfear #naturalbirth #homebirth #birthathome #mulberrymama @howtohealabadbirth @thebirthhour @carriagehousebirth #homebirthstory #educatepostdates #tenmonthmama #tenmonthpregnancy

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With her fourth and final pregnancy, Jessica's pregnancy reached 44 weeks. Ouch.

Jessica argued constantly asking about a woman's due date reduces women to "incubators" and the act of a childbirth to a medical procedure.

She added: "Trust me when I say that she is too is over waiting, she is impatient, she is frustrated, sore, tired, worried and she really wants nothing more than her baby to be in her arms."

But the "annoying as f***" comments about her pregnancy aren't helping at all, so zip it folks.

More welcome questions include asking your friend if you can take her out for lunch, bring food over for the freezer or help out when the baby does finally arrive.

You've been warned.

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