13 Lightweight Sweaters To Buy Now (Because The Weather Insists On Teasing Us)

13 Lightweight Sweaters to Buy Now, Because Spring Weather Is Such a Tease

You know that time of year when Fall is on approach and everyone is like, “I can’t wait for sweater weather”? Yeah, that magic has long worn off after months of inclement weather and Summer’s balmy days in sight. Present hot topics include: “When will it be warm enough to go without a coat?” and “Look at these cute sandals I bought!” Or, “Should I get this swimsuit in black or red?” All great and necessary conversations to be having, but another subject worth discussing is lightweight sweaters for Spring. So, let’s talk about it.

Sweaters aren’t exclusive to the Fall and Winter months. In fact, lightweight styles are truly clutch when the weather insists on teasing us. Tease us how? You know, by giving us one or two bright, blissful days and then following up with a chilling dip or downpour, subsequently trailed by 48 hours or so of yawn-inducing gray that you’d kindly like to unsubscribe from.

This type of transitional weather calls for midweight pieces that can handle a few psychotic weather changes but don’t smother you like an oversize wool knit or down puffer (cozy, but, at this point, no thanks). It’s a job for a lightweight sweater, which is why we rounded up 13 of our favorites that are A) on sale and B) all from the POPSUGAR collection at Kohl’s. Exciting, yes?

From chirpy colors to playful polka dots and classic-with-a-twist stripes, scroll through the edit ahead. Knitwear enthusiasts who “live for sweater weather” can finally start “living” all year.

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