Imagine Dragons’ Frontman ‘Dating’ Wife Again After 2018 Split

AceShowbizImagine Dragons rocker Dan Reynolds and his wife are happily “rebuilding” their relationship after reuniting following a months-long separation last year (18).

The “Believer” singer went public with the marriage split in April, revealing he and fellow musician Aja Volkman, the mother of his three children, were heading for divorce after seven years as husband and wife.

However, they had reconciled by November, when they hit the red carpet together at the Hollywood Film Awards, and Dan subsequently revealed they were starting afresh.

“We never signed our divorce papers, and we’re dating again right now,” he told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper at the time. “It feels like a fresh start. We’ve been through couples’ therapy and we are dating like boyfriend/girlfriend, although technically we’re still married.”

Now Aja, the frontwoman of rock band Nico Vega, has given fans the strongest sign yet that their relationship is fully back on track.

She took to Instagram this week, begs January 07, to share a snap of Dan sitting at their kitchen counter and gushed about how far they have come as a couple after coming so close to divorce less than a year earlier.

“I’m proud of you @danreynolds,” Aja began. “I’m proud of your humility and ability to still show up as the basketball coaching baby loving Dad that you are.”

“I know that it’s been a crazy road,” she continued. “It’s killed us both in so many moments. Last year we killed each other and now we are rebuilding.”

Reflecting on how they have navigated their way back to a loving relationship, she shared, “You can become your worst self in the eye of a giant storm. You almost have to. It’s a rite of passage. It’s the only road to a better existence. A more mature sense of self. An honest unabashed willingness to die a million deaths just to be sincere. That’s what we have done. And now. Honesty. That’s all we need. Continue to rip the bandaid (bandage) off baby (sic). I’ll do it with you. I’ll walk right through it and love every minute.”

Dan and Aja wed in 2011 and are parents to daughters Arrow, six, and one-year-old twins Coco and Gia.

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