Halsey Hid ‘A Couple Grand’ In Easter Eggs — And Her Friends Went WILD!

Now THIS is how you hold an egg hunt, y’all!

Halsey decided not to mess around with any low-brow candy or other little trinkets hidden in her Easter orbs this year — opting instead to FLOSS majorly by stashing big-time cash in each hidden egg before letting her friends loose to find all the treasure!

The Bad At Love singer shared the shenanigans on her Instagram Stories Sunday, showing off her high-brow Easter egg hunt that included “a couple grand” in cold, hard cash stowed away in dozens of eggos hidden all throughout her home and backyard.

It was very clear watching the highlights that the Without Me singer’s friends, and even her BF Yungblud, were having a LOT of fun searching for all the cash — who wouldn’t?!

Anyways, ch-ch-check out a few highlights from the memorable Easter party (below), including Yungblud trying his first Peep on Sunday… which he called “rather vile.” Oh well. Can’t win ’em all!!!!




Now that’s how you do Easter the right way! An egg hunt even the Kardashians could probably appreciate! Ha!!

Come to think of it, can WE be friends with Halsey in time for Easter 2020?! Volunteering ourselves now to be a part of this even next year, no matter what… we gotta pay the rent, y’all! LOLz!!

What a fun party and a memorable way for Halsey to gift some of her friends a little cash! LOVES it!

From previously being homeless and alone on the streets in a very vulnerable situation in her teenage years to being well-off enough now to provide for her friends like this along with her successful career in the music industry… Halsey has lived quite the life!

Can’t hate it… she’s reached her dreams and then some, and she’s got enough now to spare so she can share with her friends! Good for her!

What about YOU, Perezcious readers?! What do U think of Halsey’s generous Easter gift idea — and how fun is it that she made it a house-wide hunt?? Was YOUR Easter egg hunt anything like this one here??

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